Services » Box Rake

  • Level rough ground 
  • Prepare soil for seeding 
  • Remove old or worn turf 
  • Dethatch your lawn 
  • Regrade your driveway – remove judders and potholes 
  • Level drain cleanings/ piles of dirt 
  • Remove stones from your paddock 
  • Revamp old carparks – make them like new

This flash piece of equipment can prepare soil for seeding and can remove old or worn turf with ease. Having prepared the area we can lay your new lawn for you. It can also dethatch your lawn leaving it in pristine condition. 

But there’s more! This precision piece of machinery can regrade existing driveways and remove irritating judders and nasty pot holes making the drive feel like new again. It will recycle the old wasted metal on the edges of your existing driveway saving you money! 

The Harley Box Rake can remove stones from your paddock by carefully sweeping them up into windrows or put them into piles ready to be taken away. 

This amazing piece of technology is able to achieve so much. It can revamp an old car park and make it look new again. When you have a working bee at your place and the property looks a little unloved afterwards, it can level the ground and get it ready for your new garden, lawn or driveway. The Harley Box Rake is an exciting piece of machinery that can do it all very quickly and tidily.